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Outdoor fireplace ideas
Fireplaces form an important part of the architecture in a place which is cold most of the times of the year. They are very crucial to make the environment and climate cosy and comfortable to stay in. Along with the fireplaces in the interiors of the house, it is also essential to design these fireplaces in the exteriors areas like garden, porch or backyard of the house. This gives the opportunity to enjoy the climate outside the house irrespective of the extreme climatic conditions. Fireplaces can be designed in a variety of materials and multiple styles depending upon the requirements and budget of the client. The design and installation of these fireplaces these days not only serves the primary function of regulating the climate and temperature outside the house but also act as a piece of décor that can be substantially placed in the exterior area of the house. Some of the most creative and widely prevalent outdoor fireplace ideas are as follows:

Inherent stone fireplace:
Stone has been used since age-old times which makes it the most traditional building material used for the design of different components including fireplaces. There are certain types of stones which are native to a particular place and are only found in those places. These stones are the most favourable for construction and are suitable to the specific climate of the place. The use of these stones for the design of a fireplace in the exterior of the house will not only make it beneficial for usage but also protect it from weathering in extreme climatic conditions. It is always advisable to go with the traditional construction techniques when it comes to materials of this kind as that is the most advantageous and conducive to the area and place.

Prefabricated fireplace set:
This is a modern concept of installing a complete set of furniture items consisting of the fireplace, gazebo, shades area and set of seating areas in the garden area of the backyard of the house. It is a good option that can be taken into consideration if an ample amount of space is available in the exteriors of the house. They usually come in sets which just needs to be assembled, placed and installed on the site. There are various modular sets also which are being manufactured by certain companies in the market. People with restricted external areas in the house can even opt for these alternatives. This is a perfect choice of the fireplace and seating design for the weekend or holiday homes in cool climatic areas.

Refined patio area:
While most of the fireplace designs are being confined to the backyard and garden areas of the house, these designs can also be successfully incorporated in the entrance or patio areas of the house. A Patio is generally a semi-open area in front of the house which may or may not contain furniture equipment for seating. A small fireplace can be designed in the corner of this area such that it does not obstruct the navigation in the area as well as easily be viewed by people coming and going out of the house. This fireplace can be made of simple materials like brick blocks and stucco paint. If a large space is available in front or at the entrance of the house. This fireplace design can be combined with a modular seating or dining area in the space to make it more interesting.

A luxurious affair:
This choice of the fireplace and amalgamated furniture design can be adopted when there is a huge space available for the people in the exterior areas of their house. A prolific freestanding fireplace made up of expensive and high-end building material like stone or wood along with a set of furniture items like a swing set and sofa will make it look quite opulent. This alternative can be taken into consideration when the lines between the exteriors and interiors are to be kept blurred. It can prove to be a very interesting amalgamation of a semi-open space in the house. The design can be altered and manipulated from high end to mediocre expensive by the wise and appropriate choice of building materials and construction techniques. This is one of the most extravagant design ideas for fireplace in the exteriors or semi-open areas of the house.
There are various prefabricated and readymade designs of fireplaces prevalent in the market from which people can choose their best-preferred option depending upon the need and budget constraints.

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