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Bathroom renovation ideas
Most of the people are now looking for renovation of their houses. A majority of the people demolish the older one and then renovate it and a few, fortunate ones, move into their new house. So renovation is a compulsory move to upgrade your house. With upgradation of house, the bathroom also need to upgrade. So if you have renovated your house and now are looking forward to renovate your bathroom, here are few amazing ideas. Give it a read

1 Add up space
If you are thinking of renovation of your bathroom after demolishing the structure, you can add more space to your bathroom. Usually, the old designs spared very little space for the bathroom which was fine for a long time but modernisation has made us realise that the bathroom needs more space now. If taking additional area from the room for bathroom is not possible, you can merge the toilet and bathroom, if they are seperated, and redesign it. This way you can utilize the area better.

2 Update sanitaryware
There is no point of doing renovation if you are going to put the same sanitaryware again in the bathroom. The main point of renovation is to upgrade. New Sanitary ware are way better than the old sanitaryware in every way. Be it design, functioning, attractiveness and even the durability factor, modern sanitary ware are in demand. Modern day showers are advance and efficient as compared to the earlier type where usually only one style of shower was available. Taps now have a feature of sensor which functions automatically. Commode needs to be changed on priority basis.

3 High- tech lighting
Renovation also includes changing of lights and if this is not in your list and if you are thinking of going with the same old lighting, you will probably have to drop your idea. Lighting has a lot to do with your bathroom. Lighting presents your bathroom. Fancy lights such as ceiling lights, spotlights, Pendant lights, etc are good for your bathroom. Lighting affects the textures of the bathroom. A simple wall will look magnificent if you place the right light on the wall. So lighting is an extremely important part of every bathroom.

4 Amaze with colours
Bathroom colours should be decided depending upon the theme of the house. You cannot try any random colour or theme in bathroom. It may not suit or go very well. You can’t play this card. But there is space to try out new things. You can go for a theme of your choice. The farm style theme can be followed if you want to give your bathroom a rural touch. A lot of Urban hotels have adopted this theme. If you wish to be simple and sober, white colour would be good for the walls. If you want to try something new you can go for texture painting. It will be really amazing.

5 Change the flooring
The usual type of flooring that was found back then was a cemented flooring. Which was replaced afterwards by marble or tiles.
Now it is time for wooden flooring or a carpet. Wooden flooring are waterproof  and are available in many designs. However wooden flooring may fail in the long run and cracks may appear. The actual life of a wooden flooring is 10-15 years. Carpet is comfortable in the bathroom. A thick, dark colour carpet will stay in shape and won’t look dirty. Carpet is not really hard to clean and will stay for a long time. However carpet are suitable only for a certain bathroom. Tiles have durability, are easy to clean and are available in a large number of designs and types.

6 Fixtures and fittings
You need to change the fixtures and fittings of the bathroom. Underground fittings of pipes are important as they dont look good outside. Also putting back old rusty pipe can cause serious health problems if contaminated water is consumed, by mistake,  during a shower. To avoid rust, plastic pipes should be used.

7 Decorative accessories
Replace old accessories with brand new such as Ceramics, mats, etc. Ignoring such small things will cost you a lot. A huge expenditure made by you on renovation of your bathroom will be spoilt by these small things. So it is good to change and replace  everything, be it big or small. Also other decoration materials such as bowls, pebbles, stones,etc. can be used. Bathtub, if not there, should be bought for the bathroom. A good fragrance room freshener to kill the bad odor will be good to complete the list.

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